Jurij Kienbaum - 2008-12-04

Dear all,

since some time I am using CurlFtpFS as add-on to my software which is written in c++.

I am not sure but I guess, that after changing to new version I cannot achieve mounting with read/write access anymore.

prev. version: 0.9.1-3+b2
new version: 0.9.2-1

My program runs under Debian (sid) and the command line which I am using for mounting is in both cases the same:

curlftpfs -v -ofsname=ftpfs ftp://"some.ip.address" /mnt/ftpx -ouser=login:password

With version 0.9.1-3+b2 after successful mounting from my application I get read/write access to /mnt/ftpx. With new version 0.9.2-1, I can get only read access-right.

In both cases my application runs with root-rights.

Very mysterious is following behavior: after not successful mount (only read access) from within my application, I can access this mounted directory with full read/write access rights as root from the shell (outside of application). It seems if execution curlftpfs is done inside of application I can access this mount only with read rights, outside the application I get read/write access-rights. --- Very strange! Is not it?

All my trials to pass the fuse-option "allow_root" were not successful. As a result I get mount with fuse-option "allow_other". It was absolutely not possible to pass "allow_root"-option.

I am very concerned about this problem. What can be done in order to be able to use this new version without a need to downgrade to previous version?