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Version 0.25 released. Stabilization and terminal statistics

Version 0.25 fixes several long-standing issues.
We added also improvement of statistics to monitor output, making so-called "standing statistics gui" with running counters.

Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2007-02-14

Version 0.24 released. Gradual load and inter-url timeouts

* Smooth mode now respects the interleave timeouts between urls in msec.
When an interleave timeout is specified as 0, next url or next action of
such clients is scheduled immediately without timer-queue scheduling.

* Added support for gradual increase of clients number at the loading start. Use tag CLIENTS_INITIAL_INC in GENERAL section to specify the number of loading clients to be added each second till the total client number, specified by CLIENTS_NUM tag.... read more

Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2007-02-06

Version 0.23 released. More than 1000 clients per batch!

More than 1000 clients per batch are allowed now.
Y can try 1500, 2000 and even more, but please read

Connection re-use made a default reverting the meaning of -r commandline option. Re-use of connections makes consumption of descriptors (sockets) and ports lower.

Statistics for 4xx client error responses is provided.


Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2006-12-06

Version 0.22 release. FD_SETSIZE issue bugfix

The release contains bugfix of FD_SETSIZE issue, which smashed stack due to unability of libcurl
to make the check of FD_SET valid range descriptors.
Now we are doing the job of filtering the input.

We also added HOWTOS-BIG-LOAD instructions.

Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2006-11-28

Version 0.21 released. Building fixes

Version 0.21 released with building fixes and code comments (finally).
README file contains building requirements and some tips. Still, if any building issue, please, contact us for prompt assistance and fixes

Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2006-11-22

0.19 Released. New Statistics and FTP.

* Loading statistics for HTTP/HTTPS enhanced for smooth-mode and added
for storming mode.
The statistics includes the following counters:
- requests num;
- responses success num;
- 3xx redirects num;
- server 5xx errors num;
- other errors num, like resolving, tcp-connect, server closing or
empty responses num;
- average application server delay (msec), estimated as the time between
HTTP request and HTTP response without taking into the account network
latency (RTT);
- average application server delay for 2xx (success) HTTP-responses, as above,
but only for 2xx responses. The motivation for that is that 3xx redirections
and 5xx server errors/rejects may not necessarily provide a true indication
of a testing server working functionality.... read more

Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2006-11-09

FTP/S Urls Support Added to SVN

Premature FTP and FTPS support has been committed
to svn repository. Currently, ftp urls to be used
in UAS section and username and password to be
embedded to ftp url according to RFC 1713.
See example configuration in configs/ftp.conf


Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2006-11-06

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