Version 0.32 released. SMP/m-cores adaptation and bugfixes

curl-loader is a powerful C-written HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS load generator, performance and stress testing tool. It uses real HTTP and TLS/SSL stacks, generating thousands of users each with own IP-address. Emphases is given to user authentication, login and statistics.

The new release increases curl-loader loading power on SMP/multi-core machines by sharing loading clients among
several loading threads using command-line option
-t <threads-num>
The release also brings:
- important bugfixes;
- GET with support of forms;
- POST forms with up to 16 form-filled tokens for each client and url loaded from file;
- configurable per url response statuses to be considered either success or errors.

Posted by Robert Iakobashvili 2007-06-21

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