Directory Organization Suggestion

  • I just completed my first project using CUnit and I have some suggestions on
    how I think the project can be improved.

    First, I would like to create a directory structure organization.

    For Example:


    If this is done, I think CUnit will immediately gain the following benefits:
    1. It will be easier for new users to know the structure of the system and where files are located
    2. It will be much easier to add CUnit to any project because there will only be one directory to add
    3. It will isolate the CUnit files from the project that is actively being developed/worked on
    4. It can help to resolve the XML references for DTD and XSL files because they will be in a known location
    5. It will provide a structure for CUnit to more easily be extended and maintained, which is extremely important to me and I'm sure to all the users of CUnit.

    If you are going to invest your time to find, learn, and use a framework, I
    think you want to know from the very beginning that the project has been well
    organized and in turn that it is going to be extended and well maintained.

  • Just to clarify, I am specifying what I believe is more of the run-time
    structure for CUnit. Ideally, I am looking to have this directory shared as a
    project in Microsoft SourceSafe across ALL of my unit testing projects.