Hi All,
A new font, "Shmuel CLM" joins the Fancy font family which now contains 11 fonts of different shapes.
I designed the font in memory of Shmuel Katz (August 18, 1926 - March 26, 2010), the Israeli artist, ilustrator and cartoonist. The font is inspired by the letter forms of his hand drawn "Passover Hagadah" for the Kibutzim.

"Shmuel CLM" is available on the fancy fonts page of Culmus project both as fontforge SFD source file and as truetype file.  It fully supports Hebrew niqud (vowel marks, shin dots, dagesh, rafe and meteg) positioning. Cantillation marks (Teamim) were made transparent, thus text including them should still be displayed with proper positioning of the niqud.

Yoram Gnat.