Hello all,


I’m still alive. Besides that, a new font named “Anka” is available for download from the “Fancy fonts” section of the Culmus site (http://culmus.sourceforge.net/).


Unlike in past releases, this time I chose to publish in addition the OpenType version of the font. Unfortunately, most Linux applications don’t support OpenType, or support it only partially:

  1. Gedit and Kword can both display it, but fail to print.
  2. OO and Abiword on Linux don’t even recognize it, while Abiword on Windows displays and prints it just fine, so I guess OO+Windows will work too.
  3. MS Word supports the OpenType version too, except for WordArt.


In fact, in Windows you even get some rudimentary kerning, which is supposed to make font look a little better in print. In an unrelated issue, in Windows the font is listed under its Hebrew name as "ąš÷ä", and can be found at the very bottom of the list of fonts.


Your comments and suggestions are welcome.