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New 3rd party addons available

This week has seen two new 3rd party scripts for cuftpd.
The first is jfoo-pre, a port of foo-pre written by [h0D].
The second is, a script that will aid in the keystore creation and certificate handling when using a shared userbase.

Both these addons are, and future addons will be, available from the "addons" section in "downloads".

Posted by jevring 2008-04-08

cuftpd-1.1 released!

Today cuftpd 1.1 was released.
Originally I intended to call it 1.0.1, but due to the large amount of new features implemented, I had to call it 1.1.
The list of new features is quite long, and you can see it in the changelog, either here on the site, or in CHANGELOG.txt in the release documentation.
I've just about run out of bugs to fix and new features to implement, so I'm hoping that you can find me some new bugs (there should still be some in there, I'm sure), and come up with new and useful features.

Posted by jevring 2008-02-05

cuftpd-1.0 FINAL released!

Like the topic says, 1.0-final has been released.

This is the official 1.0 release. After two release candidates and some great testing help from people doing svn checkouts and compiling, we have finally arrived at cuftpd 1.0-FINAL.
Hopefully usage will take off, now that all the (known) bugs have been ironed out.

Posted by jevring 2008-01-16


The next release candidate (rc2) is out.
Please test this one too and let me know!
Submit your bug reports either through the sourceforge bugtracker or in #cuftpd on EFNet

Posted by jevring 2007-12-28

channel #cuftpd on EFNet

If you need help, or just feel like dropping by, you can visit us (well, me really) in channel #cuftpd on EFNet.

Posted by jevring 2007-12-17


Hello everyone!
The first release candidate for version 1.0 of cuftpd is here!
Please give it a try and tell me what you think!
Be sure to read the README.txt file.

Posted by jevring 2007-12-17