AutoSet Tutorial for CUBRID r3.1 on Windows

Laura Oh
  • Laura Oh

    Laura Oh - 2011-04-11
    This is a tutorial in Korean, and very easy to install CUBRID and XE.
    Since it has only XE application included, disable it and just install CUBRID and see if successfully works. It supports English, so you have to capture the images and put some comments in the tutorial. Hope it goes to somewhere on and blog too.

    Caoy, a Korean contributor, continously is working on this bundle. Esen, please write a quick tutorial.

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2011-04-11

    1) I have just installed AutoSet. Installation went ok, except that once installed I pressed the Finish button and the error message popped up that it could not start AutoSet.

    2) Restarting AutoSet worked well. For some reason the box on the top which says "Web Server is not running" always blinks. In addition, the "Start CUBRID" menu in "File" menu also blinks all the time.

    3) To start CUBRID, we first need to "Register to CUBRID service". Once clicked on this menu, a window shows up saying: "Registering the service (AutoSet6_Apache). Please wait". Why Apache?

    4) Once the above process is completed, there was an error which says "Failed to control CUBRID server service (AutoSet6_Apache). Again "Apache"?

    For these reasons, could not start and test CUBRID.

    5) Also, when I wanted to start Apache Service by choosing the "Register to Web Server service", it gives an error message stating "Failed to register a Web server to the NT service".

    6) Also, when I click on the "Check Web Server Settings (H)" menu item in the File menu, it pops up an empty error window.

    7) I do not why he named the "File" menu as "File". The menus inside are not related to operations with file.

    The system I used:
    Windows 7 x86 En
    AutoSet 6.3.1FULL: Core components + CUBRID 3.1 Server + CM
    no other software is installed in the system, except Java, and other small plugins.

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2011-04-11

    The root problem was that I installed AutoSet inside the "Program Files", which doesn't work for CUBRID as of 3.1. I intentionally installed to see what will happen. So, didn't work.

    Once installed in C:\AutoSet6, everything works including CUBRID and Apache.

    8) One problem though. Somehow CUBRID's demodb database is not installed by default. Actually, there is a "demodb" directory created in the /databases folder. But it is empty.


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