Laura Oh
  • Laura Oh

    Laura Oh - 2010-07-14

    Rienzi reported the following problems on manuals and I have to suggest what I'm thinking.
    Yes, Rienzi exactly reported our manual problems especially API references. Since there are major changes on SERVER and Broker features, API manuals are not even touched for over 2 years. If you see JDBC manual, you will see nothing but extended interfaces and methods. Users should refer to JDBC spec on Sun community.
    Except for added functions in PHP API on this version, rest of functions, ODBC APIs, and so on are still same as before.

    I'm suggesting Romania team can help us documentate API references stronger than before. We can start them from wiki manual, or by  using doxygen with adding detail comments. If it's not possible, we can report bug on sf.net/issue, and then fix and manage them. API references should be easy and kind for developers. I wish we can improve the current API manuals BETTER.


    It seems that there are some errors in the documentation.
    For example, looking at the PHP cubrid_get_class_name function, we get the syntax from the function cubrid_is_instance:

    This function is used to get a class name from an OID.
    mixed  cubrid_is_instance (int conn_handle, string oid)
    • conn_handle : Connection handle
    • oid : OID of an instance, for which you want to check whether it exists

    …And not only in the content, but there are errors also in the mapping of the topics.

    For example, expand the node: API Reference\JDBC API\CubridConnection… You will get under this node the following topics:
    - Overview
    - getNewGLO ?! - obviously, this has nothing to do with the CubridConnection topic…

    I made a screenshot - see the attached image.

    Maybe we should invest some dedicated time into fixing the documentation - what do you think?


  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2010-07-16

    This is something that should be done and we will find a way to do it in our side.
    Most probably we will have few days dedicated to look over these kind of errors.


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