cubrid query browser web manual is ready

Laura Oh
  • Laura Oh

    Laura Oh - 2011-05-25

    Catalin and Esen
    we have a query browser manual in a format of webmanul, which is possible to import to XE doc module.
    and we will have CMT manual in the same format 2 weeks later.

    now I am considering how to and where to import query browser manual.
    1. query browser manual is a subset of CM manual, it is almost same as CM manual.
    2. query browser is an optional tool, not a primary. it should be located on in parallel with CMT manual. but should not be included in the server + cm manual.
    3. do we have to import it to XE doc? If so, it will increase our Web pages however decrease speed and quality of search result inside. or distribute the zip file only? if so, a user should download and look at it in is local system.

    how do you guys think?

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2011-05-25

    - based on # of previous downloads of webmanuals, which is almost 0, there is no need to distribute in webmanual zip format.
    - this HELP works only in IE, no other browser can display and most importantly search using the embedded in HELP JS search script.

    So, either we create a separate manual branch for these two tools like /manual/tools/… (which I do not think is quick and easy to do, Catalin should comment on this), or add it to the existing CM+Server manual, or there is no need for them at all.

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2011-05-26

    Creating a separate manual branch like /manual/tools/ will probably take half a day (I have already imported the zip archive in my testing vm and everything seems to be OK - it took 5 minutes to import it in xe docs).

    Concerning item no 3) (speed issue) I don't think it will be a problem…the manual you provided is pretty small, there will be few (20-30) new documents and since we use nLucene for searching there is absolutely no problem when searching (it just querying a DB, and the indexing operation takes about 2 minutes once a day - at midnight).


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