Hibernate for CUBRID

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2010-06-29

    We have finished adding CUBRID support for Hibernate.
    Beside the Hibernate library itself we have also prepared some demos to help users work with Hibernate and CUBRID:
    - file-mappings
    - annotations
    - relations
    - clob,blob

    We will upload the files and update the app and tools page on cubrid.org tomorrow.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    oh!! good to hear that~

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2010-06-30

    Excellent! Good Job! Do you think we can contact the owners to officially include your library?

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2010-06-30

    Next step now would be to contact the owners of Hibernate in order to include CUBRID in the next official releases.
    I will keep you updated on this issue.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Question about hibernate.
    Ported hibernate works well on Foreign key?
    one of user tested Hibernate(not ported one) with CUBRID. And he reported that CUBRID works on DATE type only however not TIMESTAMP type. Actually he said TIMESTAMP type data can be inserted but he couldn't get rquery esult. If you visit his blog(http://minato-kr.tistory.com/184), you can see the image of what he got from the test.
    Now I'm wondering if your ported hibernate works well and if I can suggest him to test again with ported one on cubrid.org.

  • Laura Oh

    Laura Oh - 2010-07-07

    The nobody was me, Laura!

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2010-07-07


    I think the best think to do is to let the user know that here is a version of Hibernate with Cubrid support available for download on cubrid.org and he can try with that version. We hope it will work. However, if there will be some problems we will fix it.

  • Laura Oh

    Laura Oh - 2010-08-11

    One of support team in CUBRID company tried to test the ported hibernate with their customer but he told me that he couldn't.
    Therefore, I have to bring this issue back that the ported hibernate, which has a lot changes from the original sources, should be tested and provide the test result for users.
    I've heard a lot of Java developers are using hibernate when developing(not in Korea though)
    and we have to try the next step, providing tangible results for users.

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2010-08-12


    You are right, we must have a test plan document, test the application against it and publish the test results to the users. However, till then can you give us some more details about the problems encountered by the support team in CUBRID company? This will help us a lot.

    Thank you.

  • Laura Oh

    Laura Oh - 2010-08-27

    I've got a test result with hibernate and we can release the document on cubrid.org. please do.


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