Sample applications

  • CUBRIDer

    CUBRIDer - 2009-10-26

    We will prepare in few weeks some sample applications that will work with Cubrid like Wordpress, Power architect, Squirrel sql client, Aqua Data Studio, log4sql

  • CUBRIDer

    CUBRIDer - 2009-10-26

    We are also working at a professional web admin interface that will be called phpCubAdmin and will be finalized in January 2010.

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2010-05-07

    If you have any question, concerns, requests or updates, please post your message on Official CUBRID Forum. Now on all communications around CUBRID will be held at CUBRID Forum. Post there, you will have higher chance to get answered.


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