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Beta 0.1 released

We proudly announce the release of Cubosphere Beta 0.1!

Feel free to download it, play it, build levels, script new game content or whatever!

Of course, we cannot guarantee, that Cubosphere Beta 0.1 is free from bugs. If you are encountering problems or bugs, please report them to us. Thanks in advice.

Have fun!

Posted by Anonymous 2011-08-04

Cubosphere Beta Videos

Hey everybody,

since we have finally got back to work, I have created an extra account on Youtube to upload some videos of the first Beta Version we are currently working on. The videos will show several of the new features (like lasers, enemies, elevators...), texture themes and level ideas (which may help you beating the tougher levels once the Beta is available for download). Lately, I have been thinking about making a hole playthrough of Cubosphere. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2011-07-06

Two InDev-Screenshots

I've added two screenshots showing the current development process regarding new blocks, themes and enemies. Please stay patient, development is still slowed down due my diploma thesis.

Best regards

Posted by Anonymous 2010-08-07

First beta in progress

I just want to inform all Cubofriends out there, that the first beta version is in development. Frying blocks, elevators and lasers are already programmed and we have also created some new levels with these new block types. The first enemies are moving over my screen right now.
Please stay patient, as I've to write down my diploma thesis in meantime :-)
Tell your friends about Cubo and don't forget to rate our project ("thumbs up" at best ^^).

Posted by Anonymous 2010-07-04

Alpha 0.04b release

Some (critical) bugs have been removed and a fixed version is ready to be downloaded. Following issues have been fixed:

-critical breaking block bug fixed
-Phaser blocks should work now
-editor crash on missing start position fixed
-item collision on low-end-systems reworked
-reduced duplicated sounds of the spikes
-Ice sound stops during the pause menu
-during teleport, you can't escape by the far jump of the bouncing capsule anymore ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2010-06-13

Some bugs removed

Some bugs had been removed and the current version Alpha 0.04a is ready to be downloaded.

The critical bug involving the bouncing capsule should be solved in this version.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-06-11


There are several bugs in the Alpha 0.04.
I'm operating at full stretch at it!
Alpha 0.04a with some patches will be released today or tomorrow!

Sorry for overlooking these bugs before the release :-(

Posted by Anonymous 2010-06-11

Alpha 0.04 released

The long-awaited Alpha 0.04 is out now!

It comes with 85 levels in 6 different designs (thanks to Arlaan and Promitheas).
Some new block types like teleporters and switches are also implemented.
Cubosphere has now also translation support. Currently, there are English, German and Polish (thanks to Patryk) translations.

So, roll around the blocks!
And please report bugs, post comments and rate our game.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-06-10

Alpha 0.04 in progress

Currently I'm creating a 40 level episode with the levels Jesus McCloud and uR R0TT sent to me. There will be 10 levels in each theme (Egyptian, Antarctica, Aztec and Hell) and you will be able to save your progress all 5 levels. The score is saved too, so that the gameplay behaves like Kula World. Bonus levels are not planned for Alpha 0.04 - but they will come in the first beta version.

Cubosphere Alpha 0.04 will be available in English and German and a few days later in Polish (thanks to Patryk) too. However if you want to add a language of your choice, you are free to do so.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2010-05-03

New Features

The unreleased version of Cubosphere has now language support and is using a new font rendering engine: SDL_ttf
Next on the to-do-list are bonus levels...

Sorry for the slow development in the last time, I've got to do many other things and freetime is rare.


Posted by Anonymous 2010-04-19

New Implementations

LUA-Scripted GLSL works..
there are some thinks to do (manipulation of the glLights etc) but it looks quite good.

Icy Blocks are implemented also

Posted by Anonymous 2009-12-14