Alpha 0.04 in progress

Currently I'm creating a 40 level episode with the levels Jesus McCloud and uR R0TT sent to me. There will be 10 levels in each theme (Egyptian, Antarctica, Aztec and Hell) and you will be able to save your progress all 5 levels. The score is saved too, so that the gameplay behaves like Kula World. Bonus levels are not planned for Alpha 0.04 - but they will come in the first beta version.

Cubosphere Alpha 0.04 will be available in English and German and a few days later in Polish (thanks to Patryk) too. However if you want to add a language of your choice, you are free to do so.

I'm still very busy at the moment - so it will take a while. Please be patient.

Best regards,

Posted by Anonymous 2010-05-03

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