thedrawliner - 2013-05-06

Greeting !!!

I have the latest Beta of Cubosphere (0.3) and there's a a problem when launching the game in fullscreen …

When I launch the game in window screen it goes all well, same when I enable Fullscreen in the options.
But when I launch the game in Fullscreen I have absolutely NO sound or music.

The only way I can fix it is to disable fullscreen, quit and launch then the sound is back and I can turn fullscreen again but the next time I'll launch the game (in fullscreen since it saves the setting) I won't have sound.
A vicious circle in fact :/

Maybe it's a core code problem I'm not an expert in advanced informatics ^^

Is there any way I could fix this problem and be able to launch in Fullscreen without losing the sounds ?

In hopes of answers I say Goodbye ^_^
And keep up the goodwork the game becomes excellent even though it already was ^_-