The game stops by itself

  • thedrawliner

    thedrawliner - 2011-01-08


    I'm experiencing a nasty problem with the Beta version (0.04b) :(

    I'm at the end of the 4th world and each time the 15th level is loading, or while I'm playing it, the game stops all by itself.

    I've tried many different settings like Software/Hardware in the menus, multiple resolutions and graphical settings and it's not better.

    I'm using Windows 7 and I also tried to desactivate the "administrator's control" but it's not effective either …

    Thank you for the help.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-01-09


    Thanks for reporting!

    I've just downloaded the version 0.04b, but unfortunately I could not reproduce the bug.
    Are there any error messages? If not, it could be helpful to start Cubosphere out of the DOS shell "command" (I hope you know how to do it). There are shown a lot more output and error messages.

    If you can't get around, you might have to cheat, but it would be better to know, why this error occurs.
    However, if you want to cheat, just open a savegame (inside "\user\default\saves") with the notepad and change the lines





  • thedrawliner

    thedrawliner - 2011-01-09

    Thanks for replying !

    No there's no message at all …
    I only stops in a snap without any way to anticipate it.

    Out of the DOS shell ?
    I don't know what it is sorry.

    I guess I'll try to cheat sense I observed the level enough to complete it …

    Just for another report I get the same bug but very less often in just ONE level of the first two worlds (Egypt and Arctic).
    For these it was just when we go a bit too fast or when we failed it bugs while retryeing …

    Thanks a lot for the help :)
    I'll post again if it didn't work ^^

  • thedrawliner

    thedrawliner - 2011-01-10

    For another report the 1st and 10th level of the 5th world present a similar BUG : when we failed and want to retry it stops the game …

    Anyway thanks a lot for your help !

    BTW about when will the next version of Cubosphere be available ?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-01-10


    thanks for reporting the other levels, too.
    With knowing about the bug raising levels it could be possible to extract the reason.

    There are some good news regarding a new version of Cubosphere:
    Yesterday and today in the morning, I've resumed writing on Cubosphere's source code after a pause of about half a year.

    The first thing I implemented was a logfile system, which should improve the bug tracking. Maybe with the next version I'll find the bug you've reported.
    I hope my motivation and free time stays steady in the next weeks.

    We have so many unreleased block types and enemies, what makes a new release is long overdue. Arlaan (Designer) goes along with me regarding this, but is unfortunately also a bit out of free time.

    We do our best and yesterday I did the first step to resume developing, which is a good sign :-)

    So keep looking at this site at least once a week ;-)

  • thedrawliner

    thedrawliner - 2011-01-10

    Yes it's true I noticed that the bug seems to be almost non-existent when we start playing from a closer level or directly from the bugging level thanks to the cheat maneuver you told me.

    And so the next release will be even closer to the original Kula World (Roll Away) ?
    And for a very last question will the music from the 0.04b be back in the next release or will they be changed ?
    (I'm starting to love both games' soundtracks + the music from 0.03)

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-01-11

    Maybe I forgot to free some memory after a level change. This could cumulate over many level changes and result in a crash.
    However, without a logfile (which is not native possible in version 0.04) I've actually no idea where the bug is hidden.

    Inside the next release there are lasers, moving and frying blocks, as well as time stoppers. And - not to forget: At least two enemies will available.
    At this morning I've completed the log file system and started a mod system.
    The later will help us in development process and allow users to create mods for Cubosphere.
    So if you are interested in making a Kula World Remake with exactly the original levels, you will have to do it by yourself, since Cubosphere will definitely not rebuild the levels out of Kula World.
    Doing this would violate copyright issues and could result in the worst case in the end of Cubosphere.
    Something similar has happened to "Chrono Resurrection", a freeware remake/addon for "Chrono Trigger" (see for details).

    Therefore, we try to create with Cubosphere a freeware game dedicated to Kula World. Cubosphere should be similar, but we try not to steal game content from Kula World.

    However, with the Mod system I'm programming, there would be the possibility for users to recreate their own Kula World, if they want.

    About the music I've no idea at the moment. There are some programming issues to be done before.


  • thedrawliner

    thedrawliner - 2011-01-11

    Hm :/

    I perfectly understand.
    Anyway Cubosphere is better than the original Kula World I'd say in a serious way :)
    In graphics and in other things I can't realy say but still.

    Okay got all my answers now ^^
    Thanks again for all !!


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