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Cube 0.008

In case anybody is still interested after all this time I did do some more work on the client back in November / December but I never got around to releasing it. So here it is. This is the first and only build made with Visual Studio so it should be a bit less buggy.

Any which way I may or may not do anymore work on this project, the reason being that after I went through all the bugs the last time I worked on it I realized that every single one of them had to do with heap corruption happening somewhere or another and that I would never have such problems if I use managed code. Thusly, I might just write a whole new client in C#.... read more

Posted by Jason Smestad 2007-07-05

Cube 0.007 update

Sorry everybody who has been waiting for this project to progress.

I have not abandoned it, I've just been preoccupied lately.

With this update I fixed the packet fragmentation bug. I think this is the reason that the program did not work on Windows 98. If that's the case it should work now. I also added a CTCP parser. It will respond to VERSION and PING requests. You can now send CTCPs with the /ctcp command too.... read more

Posted by Jason Smestad 2006-05-08

Cube 0.006 update

I like this update well enough that it's now blue beta instead of white. That, and the fact that much of the client is now blue.

Though if you don't want it to be, you can change it easily. If you create a file called 'background.bmp' in the working directory, Cube will use that instead of the background that's built into it. Also, you can make a file called 'toolbar.bmp' and cube will use that instead of it's own toolbar background. You can replace the connect/disconnect button as well, with button_connected.bmp and button_disconnected.bmp... read more

Posted by Jason Smestad 2005-10-08

Cube 0.005 update

This one has a connect dialog!

That, and some bug fixes are really the only thing to report right now. As far as I know, this program doesn't work on Windows 98. I suspect it's because of the PostThreadMessage function, but I'm not sure.I don't have Windows 98 so I don't have any way to test it.

Oh yes, and this project was written with MinGW, but it should compile with Visual Studio and other code generators that compile C99. If you can't get it to compile for some reason, let me know...... read more

Posted by Jason Smestad 2005-10-02

Cube 0.004 update

It's true, there is a new update posted. A few things were fixed in this update, and the majority of the menu options work now. There are also working dynamic buttons, one for every window you have open. Clicking a button will cause the window to be activated.

There still isn't a connect dialog, to connect you must first use the /nick command to specify a nickname, and then the /server command to connect. There will be a connect dialog soon, and other interesting interface items, I promise!

Posted by Jason Smestad 2005-09-24


I released a working version of Cube. As stability is one of my prime concerns with any project I work on, I'm happy to say that the client seems to be stable. I had it running for several days on end, and it could likely run for much longer.

Posted by Jason Smestad 2005-09-23