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Cube-OSX / News: Recent posts

Cube-OSX 0.5 released!

From the Changelog:
-Based on a new version of Cube. More maps and other fixes.
-New version of enet libs, which may help a bit.
-Documentation additions.
-Other cleanups.

Also: THIS VERSION REQUIRES A NEW VERSION OF CUBE-BASE. So be sure to get that too. It's not like previous versions which you could just drop in with the old base. This one requires the new .tar.gz, instead of the old .zip.

Posted by Tim Douglas 2004-05-25

Cube-OSX 0.4 released!

From the Changelog:
-Major merge of code from Derek's port, so Cube-OSX should be much more stable now.
-Compiled with -O3 instead of -O2 to be like the Linux/Windows version. May be a bit faster.
-Source is .xcode now, not .pbproj, to prevent people opening the source in Project Builder (which might work, but isn't really the smartest thing to do).
-Minor cleanups in resolution code.
-Other cleanups.

Posted by Tim Douglas 2004-04-24

Cube-OSX 0.3 released!

from the Changelog:
-Not compiled with debugging symbols anymore, so the binary should be a little smaller.
-Compiled with -O2 optimization, should be faster.
-Newest version of the SDL library (1.2.7), might fix some bugs.
-Xcode project much less dependent on my personal build tree.
-Now distributed as a .dmg.gz, much more pretty than .zip.
-Source much smaller because I didn't include the many megabytes of SDL lib source.

Posted by Tim Douglas 2004-04-10

Cube-OSX 0.2 released!

This version marks the ability to use overbright (so the maps aren't insanely dark anymore). Networking is still to come, but it's coming along nicely.

Posted by Tim Douglas 2004-01-15

Cube-OSX 0.1 released!

Everything works except for networking, and overbright. But it's still very playable. Go ahead, grab the binary and the Cube base (and the source if you would like to contribute), and get going!

Posted by Tim Douglas 2004-01-12