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Move to github

This project is being moved to github. In the process, I am merging it with two other libaries: libpetey and libagf since the three libraries have a number of dependencies. You can find the new project here:

Posted by Peter Mills 2015-07-27

Revision 305 released

The most important change to this version is that all the simulations have been completely re-factored. In the README, it states that the only thing the codes do is integrate an ordinary differential equation in which the RHS represents the wind field. Thus they can work with any arbitrary wind field, including analytic ones, at least in theory. The re-factor is meant to bring the programs more in line with this statement. The new executable names are: ctraj_model, ctraj_tracer and ctraj_contour, for trajectory modelling, tracer simulation and contour advection, respectively. The old commands can still be built by typing, "make old".... read more

Posted by Peter Mills 2013-08-05

Revision 252 released

Not a whole log new here, at least nothing revolutionary. Just that the libary dependencies have evolved so much they are certainly no longer compatible, plus there hasn't been a new release in a while. Routines for calculating the fractal dimension have been added. Plotting scripts have been considerably refined. The biggest single addition is that of the "space-filling" experiment. As its name implies, this will load up you hard-drive with a lot of junk and more or less bring your computer to its knees...

Posted by Peter Mills 2012-12-13

Paper on PC proxy tracer analysis submitted

A paper about the dynamical tracer interpolation method contained in this library has been submitted to Atmospheric Environment. It is entitled, "Principal Component Proxy Tracer Analysis" and is currently under review. E-mail me for a preprint.

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-11-08

Revision 187 released

New in this version:

- PC proxy! A powerful dynamical tracer reconstruction method. Try it today.

- All models accept command line options and arguments in addition to an initialization file.

- Command line options are uniform accross all executables (see README file)

- Many, many bug fixes, refinements and other improvements.

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-11-08

Revision 79 released

Many refinements.
- velocity fields can be imported for any range of dates
- plotting not only works, but works well
- typing has been cleaned up a little
- removed unnecessary executables
- moved satellite libraries to a different distribution

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-05-02

New release

All major features now work. For a tracer simulation on an isentropic surface, cd to scripts and type, "make tracer". To generate the animation on the webpage, type, "make both".

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-01-18

New release

Basic contour advection works. Go to ctraj/scripts and type:
> make contour

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-01-10

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