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cthumb-4.2 released

* shorten long titles and descriptions to 50 chars.
* join lines that end in '\'.
* parse_option loop optimizations.
* add HtmlExtension variable.
* add -H option for listing all variables available and where they apply.
* cut down long commentaries.
* fix InlineFiles bug, should work now.
* fix diff issue for solaris.
* themes/{ithumb,spotlight}.theme/theme.conf: link color fix
* themes/oak.theme/theme.conf: change default color from white to visited link.
* fix for the AutoSlideTime. changed it to default to 2 seconds.
* correct wrong capitalization of doctype tag.

Posted by Carlos Puchol 2002-08-13

cthumb 3.4 released

Version 3.4 - Fri Jun 15 22:03:42 CDT 2001

- added some html to make the no-empty-thumbnail feature work for
internet explorer as well as netscape (IE was displaying a big ugly black
hole instead of the background color)
- added (per Ying Zhang <ying@zippydesign.com> contrib, thanks!):
TitleFont, TitleFontSize, TitleFontColor, CaptionFont, CaptionFontSize,
self explanatory, all of them themable! cool!
- added contrib directory. two scripts there to manage _large_ directory
trees of pictures and make albums out of them.
- if the index file does not change, then don't overwrite it
(better http caching)
- handle recursive albums more precisely
- introduced CPR variable in Makefile.in for recursive cp, for BSD folks and others... read more

Posted by Carlos Puchol 2001-06-16

cthumb 3.3.1 released

version 3.3.1 - Wed Jun 13 10:59:03 CDT 2001
- do not encode text for titles - HTML now allowed in titles!
(it was always allowed in the comments, btw)
- remove cruft from alt tags - they should look much better now.
- do not generate empty frames (thanks to Ben Elliston!)

Posted by Carlos Puchol 2001-06-13

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