#77 C++ constructors and bugs fixing


Here is a patch that fixes 4 bugs found in C/C++ part of ctags:
1. Wrong handling of '<'.
2. Skipping function pointers
3. Wrong signatures for function that contain function pointers
4. A bug that i called 'DECL_IGNORE bug' that sometimes leads to skipping some tags just after return statement.

Also this patch provides full support for variables created in C++-constructor like style, those like 'int i( 5 );' for example. The patch follows author's style (tabs, indentation brackets etc.). I also put a commented test example test.cpp that can be run using current ctags and patched version: results can be compared.


  • lyokha

    lyokha - 2011-08-26

    patch and test

  • Kevin Brodsky

    Kevin Brodsky - 2013-11-20

    Nice work! I had the '<' bug when generating tags for libc++ (a huge pain in the ass by the way), which forced me to comment out the incriminated lines...

    See my patch for C++11 new using semantics support: Patch 84


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