#49 Vhdl parser


Here is an update of a VHDL parser that I have been developping.

It supports : entities, components, constants, types, subtypes, package, records (and fields of the record), function and procedures (prototypes and bodies)


  • Nicolas Vincent

    Nicolas Vincent - 2008-04-15

    vhdl parser

  • Elliott Hughes

    Elliott Hughes - 2008-04-16
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  • Elliott Hughes

    Elliott Hughes - 2008-04-19

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    looks good. my VHDL-using associates found one problem, with:

    package body badger is
    end package body;

    as opposed to:

    package body badger is
    end package body badger;

    i have a simple fix that doesn't affect the output on the test.vhd you supplied. i'm going to commit your patch, then commit a tidy-up to match dhiebert's style, and then my change, which adds:

    case KEYWORD_END: skipToCharacter(';'); break;

    to parseKeywords and changes the parser's human-readable name from "Vhdl" to "VHDL".

  • Elliott Hughes

    Elliott Hughes - 2008-04-19
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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