#32 Revised YACC handling of labels

Kevin Ko

ctags had some issues parsing one of the files that I'm
working with due to an incomplete regexp specification
of valid non-terminal symbols. After noticing a couple
other bug-posts involving white-space issues, I went
ahead and updated the former regexp approach to a
character-driven strategy. This should now gracefully
ignore C blocks ({}), comments, and strings, while
allowing for arbitrary amounts of white-space.

I haven't yet thought about getting ctags to examine
code within yacc blocks. Unfortunately, I don't have
the time to take care of that (noticeably more
challenging) task right at this moment.


  • Kevin Ko

    Kevin Ko - 2005-08-26

    Improved YACC support (still just for non-terminal productions)

  • Masatake YAMATO

    Masatake YAMATO - 2016-07-08

    I would like to merge this change to universal-ctags(http://ctags.io). Is it o.k.?


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