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Ctags-5.8 released

Support added for several new languages. Many bug fixes.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2009-07-10

Ctags-5.7 released

This is a substantial release. It contains a lot of bug fixes. This is the first release since Exuberant Ctags has moved to multiple maintainers.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2007-09-05

Subversion repository now available

Ctags source code is now available in a subversion repository.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2006-08-29

Ctags-5.6 released

I know it has been an eternity since my previous release of ctags and I hope you are patient with me. Don't expect a whole lot of change in this release. I am sure that lots of you have submitted bug reports and patches which haven't made it into this release. But it does fix a number of bugs and a few minor enhancements. Hopefully, I might return to a more reasonable update cycle.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2006-07-11

Ctags-5.5.4 released

Fixed broken -R (--recurse) option from previous release.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2004-03-30

Ctags-5.5.3 released

Many minor bugs fixed, and a few improvements to some parsers (Perl, SML, PHP).

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2004-03-15

Ctags-5.5.2 released

Added optional tags for local variables for C-based languages.
Fixed porting problem for Win32 version compiled with Visual Studio.
Fixed problem with certain bit fields.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2003-09-18

Ctags-5.5.1 released

Numerous bug fixes.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2003-07-31

Ctags-5.5 released

Support for several new languages added, including C#, Erlang, HTML, JavaScript, Standard ML. Many bugs fixed.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2003-04-01

ctags-5.4 released

Adds support for PL/SQL and Vera languages.
Improves support for Cobol, Tcl.
Adds ability to report function argument list for C/C++/Java functions.
Fixes problems with support for Fortran, Perl.
Improves readtags library support.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2002-10-17

Ctags-5.3.1 released

Various bug fixes. Minor improvement to readtags library.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2002-09-12

Ctags-5.3 released

Verilog parser added.
Asm parser changed back to C-based (faster).
Miscellaneous small bug and portability fixes.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2002-07-18

Ctags-5.2.3 released

Fixed a bug causing an infinite loop for certain cases of invalid syntax in Eiffel parser.

Converted Assembly language parser to use regex and extended support to include MASM and others.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2002-02-25

Ctags-5.2 released

This version adds three significant enhancements:

1. Support for the Lua language has been added, bringing the number of supported languages to 25.

2. Support for regex callbacks has been added for parser support. This should make it possible to write context-sensitive regex-based parsers.

3. The "readtags" library, which was experimental in 5.1, has been essentially completed with an improved interface. It has been enhanced to permit partial and case-insensitive matches. This should make tool support for tag files very simple. The file readtags.h contains substantial documentation on how to use the library.

Posted by Darren Hiebert 2001-12-24

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