Good Morning

Apologies if this shows up twice, my first attempt was from a mailbox I did not subscribe from.

I am maintaining the SQL module for ctags.

Here is a simple example:
Create table t1 (c1 int);
Create table t2 (c1 int);

The tags are generated as t1 and t2.

Many times the command delimiter could be different. Oracle often uses a tilde and SQL Server uses "go":
Create table t1 (c1 int)
Create table t2 (c1 int)

What I would like to do is let the user specify (from the command line as an example below -cmd_term ; ) what string it should use as the terminator.
ctags.exe -f - --format=2 --excmd=pattern --fields=nks  --sort=no  --language-force=sql --sql-types=T -cmd_term ; sql\triggers_go.sql

In sql.c I am not sure how it can get this switch from the command line.

Any help is appreciated.