Dear Developers,

Now that I have slogged through the 5.8 release of ctags, I have worked through my difficulties in putting together a release. These difficulties were mostly due to my having moved to a Mac a couple of years ago, and also to how much SourceForge has changed since the last release. These played a large role in my putting it off, knowing how many loose ends I had to tie up. I now have the specific steps that I must perform to build the binaries and packages documented and this should be much easier in the future. It still requires the use of two virtual machines, one for Linux to build the RPMs, and the other for Windows XP to build the Windows binary.

However, the next release will require much less effort and time on my part, and I expect to continue to improve the automation of releases. I fully expect to be back to more frequent release now. Thank you all for you patience over the past several years.