Ctags is a great project, but it looks kind of frozen now. Is there any plans for the next release?

I would like to introduce a patch for c.c that makes C++ parsing better. I already sent a patch here: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3398890&group_id=6556&atid=306556 and there is a good description of it:

Here is a patch that fixes 4 bugs found in C/C++ part of ctags:
1. Wrong handling of '<'.
2. Skipping function pointers
3. Wrong signatures for function that contain function pointers
4. A bug that i called 'DECL_IGNORE bug' that sometimes leads to skipping some tags just after return statement.

Also this patch provides full support for variables created in C++-constructor like style, those like 'int i( 5 );' for example. The patch follows author's style (tabs, indentation brackets etc.). I also put a commented test example test.cpp that can be run using current ctags and patched version: results can be compared.

I put that patch in August 2011 and since then i regularly use patched ctags for various C and C++ projects (making tags and tags highlights in vim mostly). During this period i did not find glitches that could make me say that the patch is not ready for including in ctags baseline. So i would be happy if the patch will be accepted by ctags development team.

A newer version of the patch: ctags_cons_patch-20120531.tgz was uploaded recently, it can be applied against ctags trunk. The archive includes an example file test.cpp that can be used to see difference between current ctags and the pached ctags. Results are also attached in file results.txt.

Best regards, Alexey.