The appropriate place to post the parse is in the patches portion of the ctags SourceForge page.

The c.c parser is most definately NOT a good example to use for a new parsers. It is a monster.

Best bet is to examine the other language parsers, like pascal.c and python.c, as typical simple examples.


On Apr 2, 2009, at 6:49 AM, Vincent Berthoux wrote:


  Iíve finished the writing of an OCaml parser for ctags, it handle the language pretty well and also OCamlís alternative syntax.


  The parser maintain a context information internally but doesnít output it now. I would like to do it but I donít really know how/what to output, and looking at c.c didnít really helped me. Iíd happily enhance the parser if someone give me pointer on that J.




  Vincent Berthoux.


PS : I donít really know where to post the file, itís in attachment, but if you need it, you can ask me to send it.

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