Dear users,

Six years ago, I took into our home my sister-in-law, who was suffering from advanced cancer, and mother-in-law, who suffered from mental illness and a host of other problems. This subjected my family to a tremendous amount of stress, which affected me seriously. This ultimately resulted in my having to have to become fairly inactive in developing ctags and very unresponsive to a great deal of email users and developers sent to me and to the lists.

Both of them have died now and the effects are starting to subside. I still have a difficult time concentrating and focusing my attention, due to the effect of long-term chronic stress, and I often feel overwhelmed too easily. Unfortunately, the parts of my character which have benefitted are not as likely to be useful for technical work.

I will try to catch up on some of the email, but there is too much that I have just let slide for so long, and it is unlikely that I will ever catch up with all of it. For that I apologize and hope you will be understanding with me. Hopefully, I will be able to be more responsive in the future. We have a team of developers who have taken on maintenance of various parsers in ctags and that has been very helpful.


Darren Hiebert