I am trying to update the maintainer.mak makefile for subversion and other related needs to make it less dependent upon my personal development quirks. I wanted to do this prior to our upcoming release of ctags-5.7 at the end of this month (yes I was listening and this is my response).

Presently, the default target of this makefile is "dctags", which is a version of ctags compiled up with a number of things in place for development support. In order to allow building of both dctags and ctags (optimized) in the same directory, I compiled the object files for dctags with the extension ".od" in order to allow them to coexist with the ".o" files for ctags.

I generally did my development with dctags and performance testing with ctags.

Is dctags appreciated (understood) by the developers?

Here are the special features supported by dctags:

Accepts the -D option, which allows setting of debug bits which control output from various parsing stages (good for tracing where something goes wrong with non-regex parsers).
Enables assert calls.
Uses the internal sort algorithm.
Built with -g.

Or would you rather see this done differently?


Darren Hiebert