I recently ran into a problem attempting to commit a change to ctags and wonder if any of you folks might have an idea of what is wrong.

I ran the commit command and received this:

Authentication realm: <> SourceForge Subversion area
Password for 'dhiebert':

I normally have my ssh key supplied by and ssh-agent and have not had to manually enter my password before. However, I entered my SourceForge login password and received the following message/prompt:

Authentication realm: <> SourceForge Subversion area

At this point I am stuck because if I enter my userid 'dhiebert', it turns around and asks me for the password again.

I am running on Mac OS X 10.5.2.
SVN client version 1.4.4

I have no idea why I cannot authorize. I am able to successfully perform updates (which, of course, do not require authentication).

Darren Hiebert