Recently there seem to some signs of life on the mailing list….

So I’m trying my chance again…. Could anyone please have a look, explain and/or solve the problem ?


Cheers !!



From: David Chappaz []
Sent: 11 February 2012 11:26
Subject: Re: [Ctags] Ctags generates absolute instead of relative paths


Any suggestion, anyone ?
It would be nice to get to the bottom of this.

On 18/01/12 09:51, David Chappaz wrote:

Hi all,


I have a problem when generating TAGS from Gnu Emacs 23.3, but the problem only occurs on Windows and not on linux.

Although I use the “-e” option and even the explicit “--tag-relative=yes“ option, the TAGS file that is generated contains absolute paths instead of relative paths.


The details of this problem can be found here:


I originally thought this problem was related to emacs, not to ctags itself, because it only occurs when the shell command used to build the TAGS file is issued from within emacs, not from a plain windows shell.

However I now have doubts, and I’m wondering if ctags is not to blame after all.


To reproduce the problem, simply follow the steps at the end of this post:


Can anyone reproduce it ? Does anyone have a guess as to what the problem is ?

Is ctags sensitive to any environment variables (as opposed to command line arguments) which can explain that behaviour ?


Many thanks in advance