Ctags will place any duplicate tags found into the tag file. It is not possible to disable the generation of duplicate tags, so this has to be happening. It is always up to the editor to decide what to do with the duplicates. In Vim, this is done by using either the ":ts <tag>" (tag select) command, or via the "g^]" (i.e. Ctrl-]) command (jump to tag under cursor, but show list of matches to select from if more than one match). There are other similar commands, but these will demonstrate the capability within Vim. Do a ":h tag-command" in Vim to learn more.


On Nov 23, 2008, at 12:01 PM, Nikos Balkanas wrote:

Hi list,
I am pretty veteran with ctags having used it on & off for a number of years. I remember at some point that when there were multiple function definitions/references,  I could get in vim a list of all available references to choose. Unfortunately, I forget now how I did it. I hope I am not mistaken that this is (or was) a feature of exuberant-ctags.
Would anyone remind me how to do it?

Darren Hiebert