Dear developers,

As the author of Exuberant Ctags, I am writing to you regarding my long silence and absence regarding ctags development. I know that it has been a long time since the last release of ctags and that many of you have wanted to get various parsers updated or added to ctags, and that some of you have been discussing forking of ctags (or possibly already doing so) to address this neglect. I apologize that I have not been responsive to your discussions and requests for some time. I am appreciative that ctags has a devoted following after so many years and I hope you will forgive my neglect of Exuberant Ctags.

Those of you who have been associated with the ctags developers list for a long time know that several years ago I had extremely trying and stressful family circumstances for many years that culminated in the eventual death of two relatives in my home. Unfortunately, subsequent to those events, the deterioration of my family under abusive circumstances reached a point that I could no longer endure, and I have spent the past two and a half years extracting myself from my marriage and protecting the well-being of my daughter. Related to, and during these events, I suffered a back injury that resulted in two severe ruptures of a spinal disc—one which disabled menecessitating two surgeries. The past 18 months have been the worst and most difficult time of my life.

I tell you this brief summary not to seek sympathy, but merely to explain that my absence was not out of apathy or abandonment, but necessary to attend to overwhelming legal issues (costing me $40,000 during the past year), my physical and emotional recovery, as well as the well-being of my daughter.

All these matters are mostly behind me now and I am ready and available to re-engage in living and other activities, including ctags development. This will require soliciting help from among interested individuals to take on maintenance responsibility for the various parsers in ctags, since some of the previous maintainers of parsers have disappeared or lost interest. If you have interest in taking over maintenance and/or development of one of the parsers in ctags, please let me know and well will see what can be worked out.

Darren Hiebert