JSP support

James Baum
  • James Baum

    James Baum - 2005-05-27

    Hope someone can help...

    I would like to use LXR (htt://lxr.sf.net/) to cross-reference JSP pages.

    LXR uses Ctags, which doesn't appear to support JSP(?).

    Ctags seems to support most of the neccessary & related ingredients though: Java, html, Javascript and especially ASP, but not JSP.

    How easy is it to get Ctags to support JSP, and who do I ask (pretty please)?

    • Elliott Hughes

      Elliott Hughes - 2007-06-24

      Andrew Ruder recently mentioned parsing a single file as multiple languages, but there's nothing much yet. please raise a bug in the bug tracker. no-one actually reads these forums.

      [i'll ask an admin to close the forums.]



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