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ctags for java files on unix with vi ......

  • chirakara1974

    chirakara1974 - 2006-11-21

    Hi ,

    I have a very basic usage question for ctags when used for java files.

    I have the following problem when I am trying to use the ctags on java sources. I have used the ctags-5.6 version and untarred all the contents to a directory. I did not run the make install as root so the ctags exe is created in my local home directory .

    I ran the following command for creating the tags file in the directory where the java files are located. It created the tags File.

    Command is as below :
    ../ctags --java-types=cfimp --language-force=java –extra =+fq *.java


    After doing this though the tags file is created , when I am trying to open a .java file and press cntl ]  , it does not take me to the class member function.

    Am I missing anything like any additional files that would be required. I am trying this on a HP-UX unix machine. Please let me know what could be wrong.



    • Elliott Hughes

      Elliott Hughes - 2007-06-24

      if you're still having trouble, please raise a bug on the bug tracker, and i'll help you look into it.

      (i'll ask an admin to close this forum, because no-one reads it.)



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