tags.idx file not being created

  • JimD

    JimD - 2012-02-23

    I'm using ctags with the TagsJump plugin for Notepad++.  When I try to generate tags by running ctags manually, it doesn't create a tags.idx file (only tags).  It was working for me earlier today, so I suspect some command line option is missing or something, but the man page doesn't say anything about this file. Here is the command line I was using:

    ctags -recurse -languages=C,C++,Asm -format=2 -sort=yes -fields=Kznlt -F <FileOfFiles>

    Thanks, JD

  • JimD

    JimD - 2012-02-24

    Never mind. I didn't realize that the tags.idx file was being created by another tool after ctags had created the tags file.


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