#15 Recurse *.java vs *.*


Given a directory structure:
which contains subdirectories of numerous java file

If I am in the directory c:\webapps\xxx\WEB-INF\classes
and I enter: ctags -a -e -R -o TAGS *.*
all my java files are found and scanned

but if I am in that same directory and I enter: ctags -
a -e -R -o TAGS *.java
none of my files are found or scanned

Guess I shouldn't help the program out too much :)


  • Darren Hiebert

    Darren Hiebert - 2001-11-08
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dhiebert
  • Darren Hiebert

    Darren Hiebert - 2001-11-09
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Darren Hiebert

    Darren Hiebert - 2001-11-09

    Logged In: YES

    This is due to a misunderstanding of how command line
    wildcards work in ctags (which treats them in MSWindows the
    same way they would operate on Unix). As described in the
    man page, -R means "Recurse into directories encountered in
    the list of supplied files", *not* "recurse into all
    directories and applyt the wildcard in each one". In other
    words, the wildcard is applied first, generating a list of
    files on which to run ctags. The -R/--recurse option states
    that if any of the supplied files is a directory, ctags will
    recurse into that directory and any descendents. If you only
    want to generate tags for Java file, use the
    "--language=java" option.


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