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csv2vcar-0.0.14 New version now with web-UI

The latest version comes with a highly portable web user interface. Just open csv2vcard.html in your browser and get your vcards.

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2012-03-28


After 7 years here's a minor update ...
The syntax of the CSV library used by csv2vcard has apparently
changed in the past years. Adapted csv2vcard to the new syntax,
thanks Michel!

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2011-01-25


Likely the last release of 2003 three and maybe the last release for a longer period. After the transition to gtk2 the program now again behaves as it is supposed to. A couple of releases ago the newline bug was finally fixed and since I get very little feedback on the program it might just fall asleep again for a year.
Well maybe a feel like putting in bug buddy support and a button to automagically email me assignments ...... read more

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2003-12-28


This release fixes the auto assignment bug that was introduced with porting the gui to gtk2 (last release).

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2003-12-23


This version finally brings the gtk2 port. With that dependency on libglade is also removed.
Improvements with the actual task of the prog: better newline handling. Looks pretty fixed now.

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2003-12-21


More bugfixes. The bugs fixed with this version should have made the program unusable for most users ... sorry, could not fix them without your feedback. I hope that now some people can actually use the program ;-)



Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2003-12-15

0.0.7 more bugfixes

I keep releasing versions ...
Well, release 0.0.5 brought majour changes and now there are many show stopper bugs. I hope this version is now usable. I hope to be able to make a stable release with 0.1

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2002-05-11

Csv2vcard now has a gui

With the new release, csv2vcard has a grafical user interface. Oh, and it's not in python anymore. I completely rewrote it in ruby. Lovely language that ...

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2002-05-09

csv2vcard 0.0.4

Thanks to Olivier Arnaud there's now decent support for french Outlook.
The birthday/annyversary bug and the comma in assignment (e.g. swedish Outlook) are fixed.
Hope you can use csv2vcard.

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2002-04-27

csv2vcard 0.0.3

Third release if now out. It adds limited support for french Outlook csv exports.

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2002-02-24

csv2vcard 0.0.2

Now using csv module for python, that adds support for commas and newlines in data fields of the csv files. csv2vcard does not have to care about enclosing chars any more, that job is also done by the csv module (--enclosing-chars option obsolete!).
Many Thanks to Jochen Hayek for pointing out certain problems and making me look for already implemented csv stuff for python!

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2002-02-04

First release of csv2vcard!

First release of csv2vcard. It's usable in spite of the low version number. Built in support for translation of csv exports of the german M$ Outlook (tested) and the english M$ Outlook version (untested, but could work). Can hopefully be persuaded by non developers to translate from other csv formats too (please send me your assignment files). You need a Python interpreter to run this!

Posted by Thorsten Roggendorf 2002-01-29