olivierb_ - 2007-10-23

I've started using CSUnit yesterday and fond this tool wonderful and really easy to use. I appreciated the neat integration inside VisualStudio 2005 to launch my tests directly from within the IDE. I mean it *was* wonderful till this morning when ...I cannot find this CSUnit window anymore !
I first blamed exhaustion and lack of sleep but after many coffees and a thorough look at the IDE I can't find any commands related to CSUnit in Visual Studio.
The addin still shows up in Tools\Addin configuration and is checked to be loaded both inside VS.NEt and with the command line. Following the FAQ I closed VS.NEt, launch "devenv /setup" from the command line and then reinstalled CSUnit.msi to force the addin to register again but with no luck.
I also tried to run "devenv.exe /resetaddin csUnit.csUnit4VS2005.Connect" as well as directly forcing to 1 the registry entry  HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\PreloadAddinStateManaged\csUnit.csUnit4VS2005.Connect.
Uninstalling and reinstalling several times does not change anything, neither does upgrading from CSunit 2.1.2 to CSunit 2.2...I guess there must be something really obvious I'm missing (maybe a simple menu entry to show this window ?). Could any one shed some light on this beginners issue (I still can use the CSUnitRunner application so it's not so urgent, I'm just eager to experience the VS integration again). I don't know if this revelant but I'm using a french version of Visual Studio 2005 with SP1.
Thanks for your help !