#12 Csunit Addin causes error in VS.NET Macro IDE

Version 1.8.x

I'm having a problem using macros with CsUnit, which is
otherwise working well. When the csunit addin is
installed, the Macro IDE fails to start (access
violation and throws up the "send error to MS" box).
Running macros from the macro explorer also fails.

System setup is:
VMWare 4
XP Pro SP1 + all latest critical fixes
VS.NET 2002 Enterprise Architect
.NET framework SP2
Csunit 1.8.7

I've built csunit from source, and using the test
runner standalone work s perfectly.

Does anyone have any ideas why the addin kills the
macro ide? I'm happy to try any solutions out - VMware
has a nice revert to snapshot function.


  • Manfred Lange

    Manfred Lange - 2003-08-12

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    Works with version 1.9.0 BETA.

  • Manfred Lange

    Manfred Lange - 2003-08-12
    • assigned_to: nobody --> malange
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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