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And the future ?

What will come in the future with C_Str ?

First point:

Library use in the near future, wide characters (wchat_t). How will this be implemented? I do not know yet. I can not tell you if the two types (char and wchar_t) will be available separately or only wchar_t will be available for both standard and wide characters.

Second point:

I will work on the part of the deallocation. I actually foresee a module that will, as a garbage collector to release the objects not destroyed when the program is now complete. How will this be implemented? I still do not know (yet I know lol). I'm going on two ideas for the moment ... The first would be to simply make a call atexit () which will call a cleanup function (all objects are chained together). This idea is the best in terms of portability and simple enough to implement. The second would be to have a separate process and the calling program when the program crash, the adjacent processes can always release objets. It's would be an ideal solution but portability side, to consider management processes and system calls of each type of system and it is a very difficult task and I'm not yet convinced that this is really necessary for a library as C_Str.... read more

Posted by Franck HECHT 2013-07-26

Online documentation

Documentation (english and french) is now online !

Have fun ;)

Posted by Franck HECHT 2013-07-13

Small revision to 3.0.1

I made you a little revision to version 3.0.1 for some minor corrections.

  • C_Str_sub_string and C_Str_sub_string_obj returns now 'const char *'
  • Added C_STR_INVALID_SIZE error constant used by C_Str_n_fill

Repository is updated and the downloadable files are in directory 3.0.1

Online documentation coming soon but is already downloadable in the same directory of the library files !

Posted by Franck HECHT 2013-07-13

Version 3.0.0


I announce the official release of version 3 of C_Str. This library is not compatible with older versions and is now compatible with the C99. For the moment the SVN repository is not yet updated or documentation, however, the source files and an archive containing the DLL for Windows are online in the files folder.

Code is now committed to the SVN project repository !

All functions related to the tables were removed for complete recoding

Posted by Franck HECHT 2013-07-12

Revision 2.3.6

New release 2.3.6 is now available to download, binary, source code and the french and english documentation is online at the official web site address.

Posted by Franck HECHT 2011-05-17

English documentation

The english documentation is now available online at the official web page of the project and downloadable offline version in the 2.3.2 file directory.

The newest version of documentation coming soon !

Posted by Franck HECHT 2011-04-27

Revision 2.3.6

New release was submited at the SVN repository, see the log evolution :

Revision 2.3.3 :
13/03/2011 : - Add the function C_Str_new_len that create a new C_Str
object with a specified size and empty string.
Revision 2.3.4 :
18/03/2011 : - Add size_allocated at C_Str member variable. It stock
the allocated memory for the buffer.
Revision 2.3.5 :
22/04/2011 : - Add the C_Str_access_to_generic_buff function that returns
a generic nonconstant pointer.
Revision 2.3.6 :
23/04/2011 : - Add the C_Str_r_index function that finds the last
occurrence of the char passed at second argument.

Posted by Franck HECHT 2011-04-25

Revision 2.3.2

Revision 2.3.2 has been commited in the subversion repository. Corrections :

- Added function : C_Str_new_from_sub_string_obj, same as
the C_Str_new_from_sub_string but with a C_Str object as the
first argument.
- An index position control has been added for the
C_Str_nth_to_upper/lower function end return C_STR_BAD_INDEX
if the index is not valid.
- C_Str_clear no longer clears the string size.... read more

Posted by Franck HECHT 2010-10-22

C_Str 2.3.1 revision

A small release is online under the 2.3.1 version. The convenience macro C_Str_is_equal was added for the C_Str_compare_to_object function (comparing objects). Only the French documentation is online, the English version come later !

Posted by Franck HECHT 2010-09-25

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