#2 enhancement request - custom file ext, additional css files


Hi. Love this; it will save me time, I'm sure! (Well, it will save our designer, not me, but same goal)
1) I was wondering if you could include a value in the config to enter custom html file type extensions. I noticed that our website has "*.templ" files of all things for building custom pages.
2) I'm using one bundled css file that I want to clean up that is used for the whole site. We have other css files that get used in this page or that page... Would it be possible to have the first results box (unused CSS classes(but defined in stylesheet)) include the CSS file that they were found in?

Let me know if you'd be able to look at either of these. :) I'll take a peek at the code and see if this is something that I could help with.


  • Markus Szumovski

    Hi! Great to hear it's of use... I don't have much time to work on it at the moment, but if there's a next version you can be sure that there'll be an option for file extensions and user defined file extensions. I'll also thought about the next version having (much more) additional information on each class entry when clicking on it, in a list-box style (no more text-boxes), so that point 2) would be covered too...
    That's of course if I'll find some time in the coming year or so to work on it ;) This version was really just a quick makeup of my own personal tool to be available for others too... I'm a little bit surprised on how many are using it ;)

  • Markus Szumovski

    • status: open --> accepted
    • assigned_to: Markus Szumovski
    • Milestone: 1.0 --> 2.0

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