#25 Plugins needs probably to be versioned

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There is a problem with plugins.

It is not impossible to load old plugins with new version of cssed, which
leads to unknown behaviour.

For example, which cssed version 0.4.0 it is possible to load cssed-
findinfiles-plugin version 0.1, which leads to result at all returned when
searching for strings in files.


  • Iago Rubio

    Iago Rubio - 2005-12-22

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    Yes it's a problem with the changing API, as there're some
    minor ABI incompatibilities.

    I'll go for an stable base API for the next release - and
    I'll try to make some checks for plugins' API version on
    load, to provide some kind of barrier between incompatible

  • Iago Rubio

    Iago Rubio - 2005-12-22
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