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CSSBox / News: Recent posts

jStyleParser 3.1 released

This release removes the dependency on jawa.awt packages which should make jStyleParser compatible with Android and other platforms where AWT is not available.

Posted by Radek Burget 2017-10-13

CSSBox 4.13 released

The new release includes porting to jStyleParser 3 and many fixes in layout computation. It also supports calculated CSS values and box-sizing.

Posted by Radek Burget 2017-09-07

jStyleParser 3.0 released

The new release includes many improvements including calc() expression evaluation, default value processing, flexbox support, color value evaluation and many more. Most of the changes include minor API changes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2017-09-07

jStyleParser 2.1 released

This release includes minor API extensions and selector processing fixes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2016-12-21

jStyleParser 2.0 released

The parser has been rewritten to ANTLR4 while preserving the same API. Many improvements in error recovery have been introduced.

Posted by Radek Burget 2016-09-07

CSSBox 4.12 released

A few bugs have been fixed in the new CSSBox release.

Posted by Radek Burget 2016-07-12

jStyleParser 1.23 released

The new release fixes just a few minor bugs.

Posted by Radek Burget 2016-07-08

CSSBox 4.11 released

The new CSSBox release inlcudes the 2D transformation support, background-size support, image size computation closer to the CSS specification and several important rendering fixes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2016-03-11

jStyleParser 1.22 released

The new jStyleParser brings a new extensible ElementMatcher mechanism for defining the way of selector - element matching. Ready to use element matchers for XHTML, HTML-standard and HTML-quirks mode are available. A basic CSS transformations support has been added too.

Posted by Radek Burget 2016-01-28

CSSBox 4.10 released

The new release of CSSBox includes significant improvements in replaced image size computation, decoding (re-implemented using ImageIO) and painting. There also some minor fixes in layout computation.

Posted by Radek Burget 2015-11-05

jStyleParser 1.21 released

Main highlights of the new release are the improved extensibility of the parser grammar that allows creating custom parsers, several performance optimizations, a few new properties supported and numerous bugfixes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2015-11-05

CSSBox 4.9 released

The new release fixes a few minor bugs and adds a possibility to add the image ALT attributes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2015-05-20

CSSBox 4.8 released

The new CSSBox release includes several minor rendering fixes (background rendering, root element margin collapsing) and updates to the DOM and jStyleParser APIs.

Posted by Radek Burget 2015-02-11

jStyleParser 1.20 released

This release introduces a completely new rule ordering algorithm that removes the parsing order dependency and is more efficient. It also allows to provide a custom mechanism for obtaining network resources. There are also several minor extensions and bugfixes included.

Posted by Radek Burget 2015-01-13

jStyleParser 1.19 released

The new release of jStyleParser contains many fixes in processing different CSS features, error recovery fixes and improvements in the CSS3 direction. See the changelog for details.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-11-06

SwingBox 1.1 released

This release updates SwingBox to use latest CSSBox releases and contains several bugfixes as well.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-09-01

CSSBox 4.7 released

CSSBox now treats the viewport size properly - the viewport size and the total canvas size is now distinguished. It contains a basic support for position:fixed, better SVG rendering and many bugfixes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-08-29

jStyleParser 1.18 released

This release introduces the new CSS3 pseudo classes and contains several bugfixes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-08-28

CSSBox 4.6 released

The most important feature of the new release is the media query support that allows rendering the page on different ouput media with different features. New CSS3 length units are also supported and there are some bugfixes in fixed element rendering and image decoding.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-07-15

jStyleParser 1.17 released

The new release of jStyleParser comes with a new media query support and the corresponding API extensions. New CSS3 units are also supported.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-07-11

SwingBox 1.0 released

We have just released a new version of the SwingBox component that provides a HTML rendering component for Java Swing application. The new release comes with a completery rewritten drawing subsystem and many bugfixes. See the changelog for details.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-02-10

CSSBox 4.5 and jStyleParser 1.16 released

The new releases of the CSSBox and jStyleParser libraries fix an important issue in margin size computation and CSS rule priority computation for nested @media rules.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-02-05

CSSBox goes to Maven and Git

The CSSBox project artifacts are now available in the Maven repository. This required a change of the project layout (the source folder names). Together with this change, we have moved from Subversion to Git in order to allow an easier collaboration among the developers. Just now, the affected projects include CSSBox and jStyleParser. The remaining subproject will be converted in a near future. Please see the Download sections of the individual subproject web pages for details. The original Subversion repositories will remain preserved for some time but not updated.

Posted by Radek Burget 2014-01-10

CSSBox 4.3 released

This release contains many improvements in table rendering, it introduces the new support of the CSS clip, content, text-indent and vertical-align properties and it moves logging out of the standard output using a logging API. Many bugs have been fixed as well. See the changelog for details.

Posted by Radek Burget 2013-12-05

jStyleParser 1.14 released

The new release introduces pseudo class processing during the DOM style computation, declaration source tracking and several bugfixes.

Posted by Radek Burget 2013-10-26