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CSSToXSLFO 1.6 has been released

This release fixes the following bugs:

1722531: hard coded urls in css file are all set to lowercase
1911693: xml:lang or lang on document element is ignored
1984171: The XHTML catalog is no longer included
1997883: table element with a region property causes program to die

It adds the following new features:

- Add FOP command-line parsing for fopnew (feature request 1989920). With the new
"-fop" option any FOP command-line option can be used. Note that the complete
command-line syntax is not compatible with the previous version. The "-fc" has been
removed, because there now is the FOP equivalent.
- Add the "-config" command-line option to the Xinc variant.
- Add the "-config" command-line option to the XSLFormatter variant.

Posted by Werner Donné 2008-09-22

CSSToXSLFO 1.5 has been released

This release fixes the following bugs:

1716939: Regression because of invalid property bug (1691044)
1722531: hard coded urls in css file are all set to lowercase
1722541: underscores in class name
1723310: Relative URLs in a style sheet are not resolved
1731447: Inline properties are not applied to "graphic" and "leader"
1733555: The width and height properties are not applied to "graphic"
1737664: Floating point values shouldn't use exponential notation
1767912: Using as filter without calling parse or setParent fails
1768297: The text-align property is no longer applied to table cells
1770690: The page-break properties are no longer applied to table-row
1778499: The fopnew option -fc is broken... read more

Posted by Werner Donné 2007-08-21

CSSToXSLFO 1.4 has been released

This new version fixes a few bugs and has the following new features:

- New Ant tasks (feature request 1554682).
- New options "-config" and "-q" for css2xep.jar.

Posted by Werner Donné 2007-01-03

CSSToXSLFO 1.3 has been released

This new version fixes a few bugs and has the following new features:

- CSS3 namespaces.
- The new "wrapper" and "foreign" display types.
- The list-style-position property.
- The :first-letter pseudo element.
- DeltaXML (http://www.deltaxml.com) in the User Agent style sheet
(generates XEP4 (http://www.renderx.com) change bars at the moment).
- Support for the global attributes "xlink:href" and "xml:id".
- Simplification for footnotes.

Posted by Werner Donné 2006-03-09

CSSToXSLFO 1.2 has been released

Changes since version 1.1:

Bug fixes

1348367: Fix table normalisation when display type is "none".
1348374: Fix link processing.
1348383: A CSS style sheet is not treated as case-insensitive.
1349014: Correct manual section about running with FOP.

New features

- The special Unicode spaces U+2000 through U+200A are post-processed using fo:leader elements (reminiscent of Jirka Kosek's DocBook style sheet).

Posted by Werner Donné 2005-11-05

CSSToXSLFO 1.1 has been released

Changes since version 1.0:

Bug fixes

1281230: The presence of the anonymous @page rule is assumed.
1285991: Move fo:marker to the next allowed place in the XSL-FO tree.
1286078: Turn off hyphenation by default for User Agent page set-up.
1291094: A marker pseudo element shouldn't imply the other is one too.
1315758: Don't generate empty page sequences.

New features

- Add the "colspan" and "rowspan" properties for table cells.
- Add the unit "pcw" (proportional column width) for table column widths.
- Add the "table-omit-footer-at-break" and "table-omit-header-at-break" properties for tables.

Posted by Werner Donné 2005-10-07

CSSToXSLFO 1.0 has been released

CSSToXSLFO is a conversion utility from CSS2 to XSL-FO, which can be converted to PDF, PostScript, etc. It has special support for XHTML. The tool has a
number of page-related CSS extensions. It comes with an API in the form of an
XML filter.

The major enhancement in this release are:

- Implement CSS markers.
- Generalize the named pages feature.
- Implement the "column-span" property for multicolumn pages.
- Add the pseudo page "blank".
- Add a Xinc package.
- Enhance performance and reduce memory usage.
- Add the link extension, which covers internal and external links.
- Introduce the display type "graphic".
- Implement the change bar extension. This works only with XEP at the moment.

Posted by Werner Donné 2005-09-01

New release of CSSToXSLFO

This release of the free CSS to XSLFO converter fixes a few bugs and adds the multicolumn extension for pages. The changes are the following:

- Install an error handler on the filter chain for the validating mode,
otherwise there are no error messages when Xalan 2.6.0 or higher are used.
This is because Xalan's TraXFilter now correctly propagates error handler
events instead of throwing an exception.
- Also add the default unit "px" to the "width" and "height" of the XHTML "img"
element if there is no specified unit.
- Honor the "media" attribute of the XHTML "style" and "link" elements.
- Fix a selector bug in the case unnamed element selectors are used elsewhere
than at the final position.
- Fix a named pages regression when using a more recent Xalan version.
- Implement the multicolumn extension.

Posted by Werner Donné 2005-01-11

New release of CSSToXSLFO

Version 1.0rc1 of CSSToXSLFO has been released. The focus of this release is on completing the support of CSS features and on the addition of a FOP packaging variant.

The changes in this release are:

- Implement positioned elements (position, top, bottom, left and right properties).
- Implement layered presentation (z-index property).
- Use a block-container instead of a plain block when one of the following properties is specified on a lock-level element: clip, height, min-height, min-width, overflow, width. This bug disabled those properties.
- Add a FOP package variant with a FOP filter that removes some of the non-supported XSL-FO properties.
- Implement the additional CSS3 List Module glyphs for the list-style-type property.

Posted by Werner Donné 2004-11-22

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