Unpacking the result

  • Darryl Luff

    Darryl Luff - 2004-06-22

    Hi csoap looks nice and simple. The only thing I cant find is functions to unpack the result without resorting to libxml. If a call returns a single string, is there a function to retrieve it directly from the returned SoapEnv?

    • Marcelo

      Marcelo - 2006-03-11

      Hi, a method could be:
      err = soap_client_invoke(ctx, &ctx2, url, "");
      xmlNodePtr function, xptr;
        xmlChar *prop;
        function = soap_env_get_method(ctx2->env);
        xptr = soap_xml_get_children(function);
        if (!soap_xml_get_next(xptr)) xptr = soap_xml_get_children(xptr);
        printf("\nReceived elements:\n");
        while(xptr) {
              prop = xmlGetProp(xptr, (const xmlChar *)"type");
              printf("[%s]-[%s]-[%s]\n", xptr->name, soap_xml_get_text(xptr), (prop?(const char *)prop:""));
              if (!soap_xml_get_next(xptr)) {
                      xptr = soap_xml_get_children(xptr);
              } else {
                      xptr = soap_xml_get_next(xptr);


      ------------ 0 -----------
      You need link with libs: csoap , xml2 and nanohttp


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