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Help wanted - csGLE sub-project

A new module is check in CVS: csGLE.

It aims to be a C# implementation of the GLE library (

All function in GLE.h are now exposed in CsGL.GLE.GLE class. although they do nothing. I also implements some data type, so gleDouble[3] becomes CsGL.Geometry.Point3D. not all data types are implemented but some are.

This project is starting and I will contribute to it, but slowly, however any patch are welcome and will be commited hastily into the CVS repository

Posted by Lloyd Dupont 2002-11-10

CVS support back

I get CVS working again.
That mean necessary patch would be availbal to the community much faster.
Could also mean I could start project like GLE ( and made it availbal faster and easyer.
For me and for you...

Posted by Lloyd Dupont 2002-11-07

CsGL 1.4.1

New release of CsGL, mostly a few small bug fixes. Additionally maintenance builds of CsGL Examples and GLViewer have been released, adding support for 1.4.1.

Posted by Randy Ridge 2002-11-04

New CsGL and CsGL Examples releases!

CsGL, OpenGL .NET 1.4.0 has been released supporting OpenGL 1.1 - 1.4 and numerous extensions, as well as, CsGL Examples 0.9.0 BETA, including 99 OpenGL examples (Redbook, NeHe, and others).

Posted by Randy Ridge 2002-10-14