Hi guys there is an update of CsGL (yeah again),
so, what's news ?
  • the OpenGLFont and OpenGLTexture2D are now ContextLocal, alloc once, use on any context easily...
  • the GDITextureFont has a nicer output
  • about 40 new safe function
  • a new related project GLViewer
    the new porject (which I write tool) is (in my opinion very nice) a generic 3D model viewer, this mean you could either write SimpleGLModel
    public MyModel : SimpleGLModel
        public override Draw()
    and that's it, the viewer could display it, dynamically loading your dll... I think it could help...
    you could also write an IGLModelReader interface, put the dll in bin/filters, and the viewer will suddenly become
    able to open your file format
    that's it, enjoy and give me your feedback....