CSGL 1.4.0 src DrawImage Sample Doesn't RUN

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm having problem running drawimage.cs come with csgl.1.4.0.src. It throws CsGL.Util.NativeException when running. I debug until SetPixelFormat. I build this with MS's Visual Studio.net. Please help me. I don't have problem running the other samples using Basecode.

    • Randy Ridge

      Randy Ridge - 2002-10-21

      I think this was discussed in another of the forums..  I believe it's a problem in 16-bit color mode... try 32-bit and it should work.  I believe it will be fixed in the next csgl release..

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks. Just update on the webpage when it is being fix.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      GDIGLContext ctxt = new GDIGLContext(gdi);
      it throws me error.
      how comes?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How to you csgl


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